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Jungle Olympics by Aqkay is a Children's Book series for 5-11 years old Kids. These Story Books are presented in lavishly illustrated full-colour. Presently there are following 3 books in the Jungle Olympics series:

Jungle Olympics-800 Metres Sprint
Jungle Olympics - 800 Metres Sprint

Inspired by the London Olympics 2012, animals and birds are holding their own Jungle Olympics. Sprint event has started. Mr Horse, a race horse, Mr Deer, who “flies”, Mr Rabbit and Mr Tortoise are participating. Mr Horse is running to get the nationality, Mr Deer for the sake of fun, Mr Rabbit to take revenge & Mr Turtle ,just to be remembered. A large crowd is jeering at the slow creepin Mr Turtle. He must do what his mother had advised.

Jungle Olympics-Wrestling Free Style
Jungle Olympics - Wrestling Free Style

Birds and animals are holding their own Jungle Olympics. Wrestling Freestyle event has started. Mr. Elephant, Mr. Ram, Mr. Rhino, Mr. Lion and Mr. Ant are participating. Last animal standing will win. Mr. Elephant challenged Mr. Lion’s authority in the forest Mr. Lion wants to teach him a lesson. Mr. Ant must find a method to wrestle with these giants..

Jungle Olympics-Cricket
Jungle Olympics - Cricket

Mr Rhino, the Jungle team's hardest hitter, is on the verge of thumping his side to victory. Mr Lion, in his desperation to win, has asked Mr Monkey to bowl the last over despite his having a disabled arm. But fear not - the previously under-estimated Mr Monkey has a cunning plan to save the match and become a hero from zero.


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